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Summary of the main projects:
Structure-function relationship, dynamics and thermodynamics of selected (i) proton- and (ii) electron-transport membrane proteins (V-ATPase and cytochrome b-561, respectively) in their lipid environment. (iii) Biophysics of protein folding, insertion and assembly in the membrane and at the membrane-water interface, related to the biological function of membrane active polypetides. (iv) Structural details of lipid-protein interaction, and functional consequences of its perturbations, in selected native membranes. Common in these projects is the focus on the role of the protein-lipid interface, and in general it's physical and chemical state, in regulating the structure, dynamics and function of membrane proteins or proteins functionally associated with the membrane. These studies are carried out using chromatographic, various spectroscopic, calorimetric and computational methods. (v) Extra efforts are taken to improve and combine spectroscopic and molecular modelling methods into a function-controlled spectroscopy-based structural biology suite.